Safely infuse your admired one’s ashes into tattoo ink.

Families of Military and 1st Responders who’ve created the last stand sacrifice can continually receive one free bottle of our signature one oz. Black Angel’s Ink with no obligation or different purchase necessary. Verification needed. Many thanks for your service.

Please expect a 3-4 week turnaround once putting in an order. Once your order is received, an email is sent out mechanically containing your receipt and a novel distinguishing the variety that has been allotted to your admired one’s remains. You’ll expect a package to arrive among five business days containing a set kit with careful directions on the way to extract your admired one’s ashes. An alternative choice is to possess your native funeral church do the extraction for you.

After receiving your cargo containing your admired one’s ashes, our employees can right away send a personalized email, ensuring your cargo has been received.

We then begin our proprietary method of infusing your admired one’s ashes into tattoo ink. Tho’ it’s proprietary, it will involve 3 levels of sterilization at every method, and Your Angel’s Ink is the sole tattoo company within the world that incorporates a doctor in house, certifying that every level of sterilization is up to medical standards.

Once the remains have versed the sterilization and infusion method, we are going to inform you that your ink is on the way! The identical variety that was allotted within the original email sent are connected to the ink. We have a tendency to produce specific, distinctive labels for your admired one’s remains, making certain there’s no false impression or confusion on wherever your admired one’s remains are the least bit times. This conjointly permits tattoo artists to carry multiple bottles of ink, from completely different remains, and be able to differentiate them by the particular label on the bottle, not like different ceremony tattoo ink corporations.

We conjointly wish to ask you to remain in touch! Send USA photos of your new tattoos together with your story, and we’ll transfer them to our gallery board!

We want to be positive that you don’t feel alone during this method. Having been through the loss of our daughter, we know that feeling; and that we wish to try and do everything we are able.

We sincerely anticipate to serving you. Welcome to the Family!

Your Angel Ink

Tattooing with incineration Ashes

Are you searching for a novel and lasting thanks to commemorating the life of your darling one? If thus, obtaining a tattoo together with your darling one’s cremated ashes is also an exciting option. This comparatively new technique combines a little portion of cremated remains with ancient tattoo ink and permits you to then use the ink for tattooing functions. This may be a very personal thanks to bear in mind your honey and carry a bit of them around with you throughout your life. Here’s a bit of info regarding the procedure to assist you to identify if obtaining a tattoo together with your darling one’s cremated remains is the most suitable choice for you and your family.

Q: However will it work exactly?

A: The tattoo creator would take a little quantity of cremated ashes, sometimes but a tablespoon and blend it with regular tattoo ink. The ink is then utilized in a tattoo gun and a tattoo is put on your skin. For this to figure best, the ashes should be a really fine consistency to not clog the tattoo tools and to assist it to seamlessly combine with the tattoo ink. For this to figure well, it’s extremely suggested to seek out a tattoo creator that has expertise in cremated ash infused inks.

Q: However safe is this?

A: Terribly safe. The cremated ashes were burned at temperatures over one thousand degrees. This nearly eliminates the possibility of infection, tho’ the precise sterility of cremated ashes haven’t been extensively studied. The vital factor to stay in mind is that the ashes have to be compelled to be handled properly, in very sterile surroundings once being mixed with the tattoo ink. Any contamination of the ashes or the ink will introduce risks of infections. If you’re considering obtaining a cremation tattoo to be done, it’s essential that you just ask an authorized and skilled tattoo creator beforehand. They will have special precautions for before obtaining the tattoo to confirm that you are safe throughout the complete process.

Q: Can it look totally different than a daily tattoo?

A: No, not really. Since the majority of what your tattoo creator is producing is regular tattoo ink, your tattoo ought to look and feel constant. However, folks that have had tattoos through with incineration ashes do usually report that because the tattoo heals, it’s itchier than a daily tattoo. So, if you’ve got terribly sensitive skin, it’s smart to ask a skin doctor before making the plunge.

Getting ceremonial tattoo treatment of your darling one’s cremated ashes isn’t for everybody. But, if you are feeling that an incineration ash tattoo would be right for you, we recommend to interview many respectable tattoo artists and study however they might approach coming up with and tattooing your skin.

-Your Angel Ink